Conference Date

November 12-15, 2012


November 13-14, 2012


Exhibits will be located in the Plato Chamber on B1 of the GIS NTU Convention Center.

Booth Facilities

Each exhibition booth is 3m (wide) x 1m (deep) x 2.5m (height). Each booth will be supplied with the following items: (click to see photo.)

  • Three dividing panels: two side panels (1m x 2.5m), and one back panel (3m x 2.5m). Please secure your posters or other decorations with removable tape to keep the panels reusable.
  • One table (180cm x 60cm), with a table cloth included.
  • Two folding chairs.
  • Three 18W spotlights.

Registration Fees

Each booth costs US$1,500 (NT$45,000), which includes daily catering, Dinner Reception (Nov 13) and Dinner Banquet (Nov 14).

Additional Staff

Each additional staff costs US$350 (NT$10,500), which includes daily catering and Dinner Reception (Nov 13). Dinner Banquet (Nov 14) is optional for an additional US$50 (NT$1500).


Booths will be ready for installation of exhibits at 8:00 am on Nov 13. All installation should be completed by morning break, around 10:20 am on Nov 13. A loading zone is provided at the front entrance of the GIS NTU Convention Center. Charged car parking is available on the NTU campus (click to see map). Discounted parking stamps are available at the conference reception desk.


On Nov 14, from 4:00 pm, all exhibit materials and equipment should be removed before 5:00 pm.

Additional Equipment

Additional equipment can be rented for an extra fee, please contact Ms. Liang for more details.

Shipping in Advance

All exhibit material and equipment should arrive at the GIS NTU Convention Center before Nov 13. Please label packages with the delivery label provided below.

Damage to Surfaces

No signs, banners or other decorations may be nailed, glued or fastened to any surface of the Plato Chamber, such as ceilings, floors, columns, walls, etc. If there is any need to secure your articles, please contact Ms. Liang.

Dangerous Articles

Dangerous articles are not allowed in the exhibit. Dangerous objects included things that are potentially explosive, inflammable or toxic. Things that could cause water damage are prohibited. Lights that overheat or are obstructive are not allowed.

Fire Safety and Health

All exhibitors and exhibits are required to comply with all local fire safety and health regulations.

Noise Control and Visual Obstruction

If any kind of moving objects, speakers, videos or strong lighting is used, exhibitors should make sure the effects will not affect or obstruct other exhibitors. Sound levels should be maintained under normal conversational levels.

Contact Information

Ms. Chun-ching Liang
National Taiwan University Library

#1, Sect. 4, Roosevelt Road
10617 Taipei, Taiwan, R.O.C.
F: +886-2-2369-3601


Booking a Booth