Graduate Student Consortium

Paper Session 1

A Snapshot of Digital Library Research Trends (1990-2010)
Son Hoang Nguyen and Gobinda Chowdhury

Help-Seeking Interactions in Digital Libraries: Influence of Learning Styles
Chunsheng Huang

Evaluating User-System Interactions During the Search Process in Digital Libraries
Soohyung Joo

A Study on the Experts' and Users' Mental Model for Keyword Selection in Information Organization
Ya-Ning Chen and Hao-Ren Ke

Paper Session 2

Influence Detection Within The Blogosphere
Luke Kien-Weng Tan

Knowledge Management in Indigo Dying Community Enterprises Adopting a Value Chain Approach
Sutisa Songleknok, Smarn Loipha and Chollabhat Vongprasert

An Ontology for Automated Cloud Archiving Systems
Jan Askhoj, Shigeo Sugimoto and Mitsuharu Nagamori

Development of GMS’s Intangible Cultural Knowledge Base Systems:
Integrated Semantic Web Technology and Geographic Information System
Wirapong Chansanam, Kulthida Tuamsuk and Kanyarat Kwiecien


Paper Session 3

Development of Thai Qualification Framework for the Information Profession
Nujarin Pathumpong and Chollabhat Vongprasert

Evaluating Core Measures of Text Denoising for Biomedical Relation Mining
Rushdi Shams and Robert E. Mercer

Information Behavior Model of Farmers using Grounded Theory Approach
Unchasa Seenuankaew