Main Theme of the Conference


With the advent of the Internet, the past decades have seen a burgeoning of digital libraries. Researchers, scholars, and professionals have come to recognize the importance of digital libraries and the convenience they might bring to the society. As resource sharing becomes common, the focus of digital libraries has been shifted from the needs of the academics to major issues that involve both the general public and professionals of diverse disciplines. With the creation and the significant increase in the use of digital content, the digital libraries become essential not only in preserving the cultural heritage but in educating the society as well.

The theme of the ICADL conference in 2012—The Outreach of Digital Libraries: a Globalized Resource Network—reflects the raison d'être of a global digital library. By pooling the knowledge and experience around the world, it is genuinely hoped that a good network of digital libraries may come to fruition in this global era. We welcome and encourage the submission of papers for potential publication. Possible topics could include, but are not restricted to, the following: